These Halifax County, Virginia historic sites are listed in the National Register of Historic Places (NRHP) and/or the Virginia Landmarks Register (VLR) by the The Virginia Department of Historic Resources.

The Department of Historic Resources (DHR) publishes a variety of materials that are available either from our publishers or directly from our central and regional offices.
Berry Hill - NRHP/VLR
Black Walnut - NRHP/VLR
Bolling Eldridge - NRHP/VLR (Moved to Lynchburg)
Brandon Plantation - NRHP/VLR
Brooklyn Store & Post Office - NRHP/VLR
Brooklyn Tobacco Factory - NRHP/VLR
Buckshoal Farm - NRHP/VLR
Carlbrook - NRHP/VLR
Cat Rock Sluice of the Roanoke Navigation - VLR Listed in Campbell County
Carter's Tavern - NRHP/VLR
Cove, The - NRHP/VLR
DeJarnette's Tavern - NRHP/VLR
Evans, E.L., House - NRHP/VLR
Glennmary - NRHP/VLR
Halifax County Courthouse - NRHP/VLR
The Little Plantation (Fourqurean House) - NRHP/VLR
Indian Jim's Cave - NRHP/VLR
Mountain Road Historic District - NRHP/VLR
Old Providence Presbyterian Church - NRHP/VLR
Pleasant Grove - NRHP/VLR
Redfield - NRHP/VLR
Reedy Creek Site - NRHP
Seaton - NRHP/VLR
Staunton River Bridge Fortification - NRHP/VLR (Haunted Battlefield?)
South Boston Historic District - NRHP/VLR
South Boston Historic District Boundary Increase - NRHP/VLR
Staunton River Bridge Fortification - NRHP
Staunton River State Park Historic District
Tarover - NRHP/VLR
Wiley's Tavern Archaeological Site - VLR

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