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25: 1204 Washington Avenue
The E.L. Evans House

This home is on the National Registar of Historic Places . It is currently for sale and is listed with Antique Properties.

The E. L Evans House - A fine representative example of the Queen Anne style at its best. Built in 1892 by Edward L. Evans, the imposing residence features elaborately detailed porches, pressed-brick ornamentation and an exceptional interior. It is unusual for its porches, wide central passage plan, and combination of different building materials including weatherboards, wood shingles, and pressed brick.

The hooded pressed-brick fireplace in the main entrance hall, together with the interior woodwork, ranks this dwelling among the best of the Queen Anne style in Virginia.

The first house, built a few years earlier, burned. Mr. Evans moved the residence so as to be a little more apart from the Howard house next door.

This house had the first sidewalk and the first central heating system in South Boston. it was occupied until recently by the two daughters of Mr. Evans, a former mayor of South Boston in the 1890s.

The current owners are the first owners of the home since the last of the children of Mr. Evans passed away. The home had never been owned by anyone outside the family and the current owners feel very privileged to own such a beautiful home that belonged to a family so admired and respected by the people of South Boston. It will always be the E.L. Evans home.

E. L. Evans owned a lumber mill and was originally from Pennsylvania. His wife, Elizabeth was from a very prominent family in Farmville. He was also the mayor of South Boston at one time.

The current owners found out about the house through a magazine and knew, just as soon they saw the picture, that this was the house they had always been dreamed of. They flew here from Denver in January of 2001, looked at the home and bought it.

The house had stood for many years with only the white paint color, but while doing the restoration it was discovered the original colors were dark red with dark green trim - the colors of the era. The current owners feel the Evans would have loved this new look if they had only had the option of the infinite variety of new paints that we have today to show off the intricate woodworking of the construction.

Recently a man was walking by while I was raking the leaves and he just stopped and said what a beautiful home it was. Then he said "It's eye candy". I guess that describes it pretty well.

Interior Photos

Front view of the home.

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