How to Build and Install Your Own Web Page

If you already have a web page with us, we are moving all personal web pages to our new web server. We'll post directions very soon on how you can access your pages on our new site.

Each full paying customer of Halifax.Com, Inc. is entitled to 5 Megabytes of free web space. The only real rules are that the web pages cannot be commercial in nature, nor have an advertisement on the page for a for-profit business. It has to be a non-profit web page. Halifax.Com will provide you with minor assistance for free. Also, you have to obtain permission from Netscape or Microsoft to include any of their proprietary images.

If you would like to have a commercial web page, you can find our rates at

The following instructions apply to both our commerical and non-commerical customers. They provide a step-by-step procedure for uploading your files to our server.

  1. Send email to us so that we can give you permission to copy files to our server. We do this for security reasons.
  2. You can download a good HTML editor from Stroud's site. I used to recommend Hot Dog Standard which can be download  from Sausage.Com. However, I now recommend the   Microsoft Frontpage 98 program.  The new version of the Netscape Communicator also has a web page editor.  And don't forget that you can use any text editor, such as Window's Notepad, to build your web pages. 
  1. You may want to check out the following web site for some neat graphics to include on your page.
  2. Use one of the following two methods to upload your pages to our server:

Web Publishing Wizard (Easy!)
Microsoft Frontpage (A little harder.)
Netscape Communicator Composer (Easy!)
FTP (Harder)

  1. When someone requests your web page, the first thing that the web server will respond with, if a specific page was not requested, is a file called index.htm. If you want a specific page to be shown, then you will need to make sure that your home page is named default.htm.
  2. Use the following URL to get to your page with your favorite web browser:

    For example, to get to my personal web page (if there was one) you would use the URL:
  3. That's it!

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