Using Netscape Communicator to upload your web pages to Halifax.Com
  1. To use the Netscape Communitcator Composer prorgram to edit your very own web pages, download and install the latest version of Netscape Communicator Standard from their website if you don't already have it.
  2. Once the Communicator program has been installed, start it and then start the Composer program.
  3. Use Composer to buid your web page.
  4. Save the page when you have finished. The first page on your web site should be named default.htm.
  5. Click the "Publish" button. The following screen will be displayed. Fill it in with your particular information. For example, replace "kshaw" with your username.

wpe1.gif (20435 bytes)

  1. Click the "OK" button to publish the page to your web site.

  2. You can view your page by using your web browser to go to     (replace username with your user name).


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