How to use the Microsoft Web Publishing Wizard

This procedure will walk you through setting up the Wizard to upload your web pages to Halifax.Com's web server.

  1. Download the latest version of the wizard (if you don't already have it) from Microsoft's web site.
  2. Find the file that you downloaded and double-click on it to install it. The latest version's filename is wpie415-x86.exe.
  3. Once the program is installed, you can execute it by clicking the "Start" button and selecting "Programs", "Microsoft Web Publishing" and then the "Web Publishing Wizard".
  4. Following are some of the screens that you will see when setting up the program.

wpe3.gif (19616 bytes)

In the "File or folder name:" box, type the name of the folder in which your web pages reside.  Click the "Next" button to continue.

wpe2.gif (18654 bytes)

Type a descriptive name for your web site and click the "Next" button.

wpe1.gif (19324 bytes)

Click the "Next" button and then the "Finish" button to publish your web site to the server. You should then be asked to fill in your FTP information as follows:

wpe5.gif (4696 bytes)

You should then be logged into the web server and your pages will be transferred to the web site. Once the operation is complete, you will see the following screen.

wpe6.gif (3044 bytes)

Click OK.

You can view your web site by using your web browser to go to:

(where you replace username with your own username).

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