Using FTP to Upload Web Pages to the Halifax.Com Server


  1. Obtain an FTP program such as WS_FTP. Make sure that you download the 16 bit version if you are running Windows 3.x. (FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol and is a program that is used to copy files from one compuer to another on the Internet. However, the method mentioned in step 4 is MUCH easier.
  2. If FTP doesn't sound like much fun to you, the we recommend that you use the  Microsoft's Web Publishing Wizard to publish your web site.
  3. Use the FTP program to connect to:
    • Host:
    • Username: Your User Name Goes Here
    • Password: Your Password Goes Here

It is very important to use lowercase letters for your username and type your password exactly as you do to log in to Halfiax.Com!

Upload your HTML pages in ASCII format to your public_html directory. All image files (.jpg or .gif) should be uploaded in BINARY format.

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