South Boston Walking Tour
28: 1014 Washington Avenue

Edgar H. Vaughan House - Best example of a wood frame Victorian Italianate-style residence.

Built in 1888 by Edgar Vaughan, it is a frame structure exhibiting a bracketed cornice with fanciful sawnwork, arched window moldings and hoods, and a shallow hipped roof.

Its arched window hoods and bracketed cornice clearly distinguish it from similar houses of the same period within the district.

Until 1998, the house had been continuously occupied by a member of the Vaughan family. During the 1920s and 1930s, Hugh Vaughan had a band called Vaughan's Virginians which played in Atlanta, Houston, and The Riverview on the Banister River. He had a monkey which was kept in the basement and would frighten all the neighborhood children.

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