South Boston Walking Tour
29: 1002 Washington Avenue - Noblin House

The Noblin House - One of the most flamboyant Queen Anne style houses in South Boston. The well-preserved frame dwelling features a 13-bay wraparound porch with turned posts and decorative sawnwork, turned balustrade, spindle frieze, 2nd-story single-bay porch; 3-level comer tower topped by a belicast roof, stained glass windows and wooden shingles of various shapes and patterns.

A central front gable has decorative woodwork, a Palladian window, and is curiously decorated with a series of wooden bull's-eye blocks.

Richard R. Noblin, Sr. completed the residence in 1893. It remained in the family until the late 1890s. Mr. Noblin was a tobacco warehouseman, a member of the Virginia House of Delegates, and was elected to the state Senate, but died before he could serve.

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