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Brooklyn Mansion
1020 Brooklyn Road

Brooklyn Mansion

Brooklyn was for many generations the home of Barksdales. The oldest part of the house is in the back and was built before 1800. In 1853 Beverly Barksdale built the front section. His son, Beverly Barksdale, III enlarged it in 1886.

Custer is said to have camped there in 1865, leaving one of his wounded soldiers to die in the mansion. For years after the war, a cannonball was in the parlor and was rolled into the fireplaces by children. The ordinance personnel came from Fort Lee and found the projectile to be live and blew it up in a nearby pasture in the early 1950's.

The 14-room mansion is built in the romantic Italianate style.

At the west edge of the yard on the right is the site of the Brooklyn Store & Post Office.

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