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Brooklyn Store & Post Office
1034 Brooklyn Road

Built around 1850 by William Easley as a general store, Brooklyn Store was operated by the Barksdales and the Easleys from about 1867 to 1883.

The Brooklyn Post Office was located in the store for many years.

It was recently saved from an uncertain fate by owners Mack and Ginger Gentry.Brooklyn Store and Post Office went through rehabilitation from 1990 until its completion in 1996.

The mail originally came by stage, but later came to the Barksdale depot by train and from there to Brooklyn by rider.

The two story frame country store still has its Greek Revival detailing, original shelving, a postal notice in the salesroom and a pulley for hoisting goods through the second-story entry. The store had an office with a room above that probably served as lodgings.

Just down the hill from the Brooklyn Store and Post Office you can see a spring that has been rocked up - believed to have been the store's water source, and to the back of the store is a hand-dug rock well, now being restored.

The Brooklyn Store and Post Office was placed on the Virginia Landmarks Register on October 18, 1995, and on the National Register of Historic Places on January 22, 1996. Nominations were prepared by J. Daniel Pezzoni, Preservation Consultant, Lexington, Virginia.

The home of Mack and Ginger Gentry, Hospitality Farms, was built next to the old store and post office. The rock columns at the driveway were built of rocks from a chimney of an old log cabin, which was beyond repair.

After 6/10 of a mile on left is Oak Circle.

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