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Arbor Baptist Church
15120 River Road

Arbor Baptist Church

The Arbor Church congregation is one of the oldest congregations in Halifax County. In the Spring of 1785 William Dodson, a missionary Baptist preacher held a revival under a bush arbor near Carter's Tavern. As a result of that revival Arbor Baptist Church was organized with 35 charter members and Mr. Dodson as the first preacher.

Mr. Samuel Dodson, owner of Carter's Tavern donated a triangular lot of about 2 acres on which a log building was erected. The base of the triangle bordered River Road with the apex at a rock spring down the hill. Mr. Dodson said he gave the land that way so that the church would have a continuous supply of water.

In 1985 Arbor celebrated it's Bi-Centennial with a three-day affair. Proceeds from the sale of their cookbook, Arbor Hospitality, were used to replace the carpet and put in matching pew seats. Mack and Ginger Gentry replaced the old shrubs around the church with English boxwood.

Just across the road on the left is Carter's Tavern

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