River Road Driving Tour

Carter's Tavern
15125 River Road

The tavern was built between 1770 and 1808. It was the first ordinary licensed in Halifax County. With most of its original interior fabric intact, the spacous building provides a rare picture of the arrangement of a once common Virginia institution.

Of particular significance is the great quantity of original graining and marbleizing on the woodwork, most of it well preserved and unusually ornate.

Licenses issued in 1802 and 1804 indicate that Joseph Dodson, Jr. operated an ordinary here in what was also his residence.

The place was acquired in 1807 by Samuel Carter, who enlarged the building by adding the two-story main section. Mr. Carter managed the tavern until his death in 1836.

The tavern stood derelict for many years until 1972 when Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Edmunds acquired the building and restored it.

More historical information and photos here.

After 6/10 of a mile on the right is Brooklyn Tobacco Factory

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