Staunton River

The Staunton River is the best-known and most popular destination for paddlers. It forms the northern and eastern border of Halifax County for more than 50 miles before it merges with the Dan to form Buggs Island Lake. Its famed whitewater is found in the stretch between Long Island and Brookneal. There are two public boat landings on the Halifax County side of the river and two on the opposite shores in Campbell County.

See detail river atlas charts.

These divide the paddling into five stretches:

1. Long Island to Brookneal (11 miles, 4-5 hours)
2. Brookneal to Clarkton Bridge (6 miles, 2-3 hours)
3. Clarkton Bridge to Watkins Bridge (22 miles, 8-9 hours)
4. Watkins Bridge to US 360 (8.9 Miles, 3-4 hours)
5. US 360 to Staunton River State Park (12.3 Miles, 4-5 hours)

See Department of Game and Inland Fisheries site for access information.

Site data provided by Paul Johnson and is based on personal experience, information found in Virginia Whitewater by Roger Corbett (Seneca Press, 2000), Dr. W. E. Trout of the Virginia Canals and Navigations Society, and the Dan River Basin Association.

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