Staunton River Tour
Halifax County, Virginia

Roanoke/Staunton River Atlas
(Preliminary Charts - Not Yet Published)

These are large files and will take extra time to view - ~ 300k each.

Charts created and contributed by Dr. William E. Trout, III,
of the Virginia Canals & Navigations Society, January 15, 2003.

The author would like for you to contact him for comments, corrections or additions. Also please advise of reports of sunken boats - a steamboat at Cole's Ferry, a batteau opposite the mouth of Falling River, or others.

15 - Seneca 16 - Long Island 17 - Brookneal Wickliff's Mill & Red Hill 18 - Red Hill 19 - Staunton Hill 20 - The Cove Steamboat Sluices at the Cove 21 - Watkins Bridge 22 - Staunton River Bridge 23 - Clover Landing

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