What can I do about junk mail or SPAM?

Junk Mail, also known as SPAM, is unsolicited commercial email.

If you don't advertise your email address and are not on any Internet mailing lists, you probably don't see any junk mail in your email box. However, if you post your email address on a web page, or post any messages to mailing lists or news groups, you open yourself to receiving junk mail.

Currently, junk mail is not against the law and, legally, there is not much that you can do about it.  However, you can use your email program to filter out unwanted email. For example, Microsoft Outlook Express has something called the Inbox Assistant that you can use to delete any unwanted messages before they are placed in your Inbox. Most of the other email programs today have some sort of filtering capabilities also.

Halifax.Com also provides a basic filtering services for junk mail. We currently do not allow email from fake email addresses to be sent to our customers.

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