How can I set up my computer to handle two or email addresses?
Currently, the Microsoft Internet Mail program does not handle more than one email address very well. However, the new versions of Netscape and the Internet Explorer include email programs that allow multiple users. In the furture, we'll include the procedure for setting these programs up. So, for now, we recommend that you download and use a third party program such as Pegasus or Eudora Light.

The new Outlook Express program that is delivered with Microsoft's Internet Explorer 4.01 handles multiple email accounts. So does the new version of the Netscape Navigator.

If you are very comfortable with setting up programs, we highly recommend Pegasus. It handles multiple email accounts very well.

If you are currently using Microsoft's Internet Mail for one email account, we recommend that you install Eudora and use it for your second email address. You don't have to read any further on this page.

Otherwise, if you already use Eudora for your main email accout and want to use it for your second account, read on.

To set up the old version of Eudora to handle two or more email addresses, follow these steps.

Create a new directory for the second email account. For example, call it Eudora2.

Copy the entire contents of the original Eudora directory to the new directory.

Create an icon on your desktop that points to the new "c:\eudora2\weudora.exe" program.

Double-click on this icon, or run c:\eudora2\weudora.exe and set up the program to use your new email address.

That is all there is to it.

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