My connection to Halifax.Com seems slow or is not working, what can I do to fix it (Windows 95)?

This problem can have many causes ranging from noisy phone lines to not having the correct modem initialization string. If you are using Windows 95, we have included some things for you to check on your system. Please read this page for more information.

Windows 95

There is a parameter in the TCP/IP configuration called the Maximum Transmission Unit, or MTU. This value controls the size of the data packets that are use to transfer data with the TCP/IP protocol. We recommend that you modify your MTU to be 576. You can download a program called EasyMTU from here that can be used to set your MTU setting.  The default value of 1500 is not the most efficient for modem connections.

Use the following procedure to set your modem's serial port speed to the most efficient value.

  1. Select "My Computer".
  2. Select "Control Panel".
  3. Select "Modems".
  4. You should see the following display. If your modem is not a SupraExpress, then you will see a different name for your modem in the picture below.

  5. Select your modem and then Properties, and you will see the following display.

  6. Set your Maximum speed according to the following table:
    Computer Mhz Modem Speed Maximum Speed
    386 25 14400 bps 19200
    386 25 28800 bps 38400
    486 or Pentium >50 Mhz 14400 bps 38400
    486 or Pentium >50 Mhz 28800 bps 57600
    486-Pentium II >50Mhz 56000 bps 115200 (or 57600)

    If your modem an external model, it is very important that your serial port have a 16550 UART or  better chip . Most of the newer computers have these fast 16550 UARTs, so it probably will not be a problem if your computer is new. Do not check the "Only connect at this speed." box.

  7. Next, select the "Connection" tab. You will see the following display.

    Verify that your settings are as shown.
  8. Then, click the "Advanced..." button and make sure that your settings are as shown below. In some cases, you may be unable to select the "Use error control" or "Compress data" boxes.

    Once you have verified these settings, you can select OK three times to take you back to control panel.
  9. Try your connection to Halifax.Com again and verify that your connection stays up. If it doesn't, please see the following web sites for more information.

    The following sites on the web are excellent references for solving this type of problem:
    Curt's High Speed Modem Page
    AL's Winsock Tuning FAQ
    Navas 28800 Modem FAQ


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