What are the networking settings needed to connect to Halifax.Com?

Halifax.Com uses PPP for customer access. Here are the settings that your software my need in order to connect to us.

  1. Our IP addresses are dynamically assigned. In other words, we assign you an IP address when you connect to us.
  2. Our Primary DNS server is:
  3. Our Secondary DNS server is:
  4. Our Outgoing Mail(POP3) Server is: mail.halifax.com
  5. Our Incoming Mail(SMTP) Server is: mail.halifax.com
  6. Our Usenet News (NNTP) Server is: news.halifax.com
  7. Our dial-up telephone number is: 572-5241
  8. We use the Password Authentication Protocol (PAP) when logging in.
  9. Our home page is located at http://www.halifax.com/


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