What do I need to be concerned with if I upgrade my modem?

If you desire to upgrade your modem, there are many things that you should be aware of. Make sure that you purchase a brand name modem such as US Robotics, Hayes or Diamond (formerly Supra). In my experience, off-brand modems are more trouble than you save in price.

If you purchase an external modem, make sure that you have a serial card with a 16550 UART. If you have a new computer, this should not be a problem.

Make sure you purchase a modem that can be upgraded to the new 56K technology with a simple software update. A lot of the newere brand-name modems support an upgrade method called "flash" upgrades. You'll want a modem that has this capability.

In order to most compatible with Halifax.Com's modems, we recommend that you purchase a X2 compatible modems such as the US Robotics Sportster. However, modems with the K56Flex option will be able to communicate with our modems; they just won't be able to connect above 33,600 bps.

You can read more about 56K modems by visting http://www.56k.com.

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