How do I set up the Microsoft Internet Mail?

There are several ways that one can configure the Microsoft Internet Mail program. One method uses a wizard and the other is accessed by selecting "Mail" and "Options" from the main Mail menu on the Internet Mail Program.

Even though there are two methods of configuring the program, the same basic questions are asked. You will need to fill in the following information.

Name:           Your real name goes here.
Organization:   Can leave this one blank:
Email Address:

Outgoing Mail (SMTP):
Incoming Mail (POP3):

Account Name:   your_username
Password:       your_password

For example, here is how Luke Skywalker would fill in the information.

Name:           Luke Skywalker
Organization:   Jedi Knight, Inc.
Email Address:

Outgoing Mail (SMTP):
Incoming Mail (POP3):

Account Name:   lskywalker
Password:       *******

Then, once you have logged in to the mail program, select Mail,Options and the Server tab. Click the Advanced Settings button. Put your email address in the Reply-to box.

To automatically send your email rather than placing it in the Outbox, select the Send tab and then place an X in the box beside Send messages immediately.

Your email program should be properly set up now.

Then, click Apply and OK.

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