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Sale of Green Hill

The following is a transcribed copy of a newspaper announcement of the sale of Green Hill and associated properties from the estate of Samuel Pannill. The ad was run in the Daily Lynchburg Virginian. 


By virtue of decretal orders of the Circuit Court of Campbell County, entered at the May Term 1871, of the said Court, in the Chancery Suit of "Cunningham by &c., vs. Pannill's executor et als" the undersigned, who have been appointed Commissioner's for the purpose, will, on
                 WEDNESDAY, THE 20TH DAY OF SEPT, 1871
Proceed to sell, on the premises, by Public Auction so much of the real estate of which the late Samuel Pannill died, seized and possessed, as may be necessary to realize the sum of $23,000.
This real estate known as the 
                       "GREEN HILL" PROPERTY
consists of 5,000 or 6,000 ACRES of Land lying on both banks of Staunton River in the counties of Campbell and Halifax, and will be divided into Tracts to suit purchasers.
On the land in Campbell County there is situated a commodious Brick Building containing six rooms with a good basement: all necessary outbuildings, nearly all of which, as well as the wall by which they are enclosed, are of solid stone masonry, are conveniently located. The Yard is a beautiful grass lawn interspersed with Ornamental Shade Trees, and has a Well of the best water. With these Buildings will be sold 500 or 600 ACRES of very fertile, productive land. This is one of the most desirable farm residences in the market. We will also at the same time sell the large MANUFACTURING MILL, with Land lying between the mill-race and the river, supposed to contain 30 ACRES. This is very valuable property. The Water-Power is almost unsurpassed and the Mill site is the centre of a large wheat growing district. The mill now has an excellent country custom.
In the county of Halifax there are four or five farms containing from 300 to 500 acres each with good comfortable improvements.
With one of these Farms will be sold the FERRY LANDING. This Ferry is now doing a good business, and is a valuable source of income. Also, the abutments and piers belonging to the bridge burned during the late war, with any interest therein which may have been owned by the late Samuel Pannill at the date of his death. The tolls from this bridge annually amounted to 1,500 or $2,000. These abutments and piers are in a well preserved condition.
A rare opportunity is afforded by this sale to capitalists to invest. The property is considered one of the most valuable possessions in the State. The soil is fertile and adapted to the growth of all crops common to this section - the Tobacco land being very fine. The climate is healthy and salubrious. The society is as good as can be found in the State - Churches, stores and school houses convenient. Location 30 miles from Lynchburg.
Charters have been granted by the General Assembly for the building of a plank-road leading from Lynchburg by Campbell Court House to "Green Hill" and for a railroad from Pamphlin's Depot on the Southside railroad to Leaksville, N. C., which will pass directly through the property. The Staunton River Navigation Company propose to open stream navigation beyond this point, and already have established a line to within 10 miles of the place.
TERMS OF SALE, - Cash sufficient to defray cost of suit and expenses of sale. The remainder of the purchase money payable in equal instalments [sic] of one, two and three years, bonds bearing interest from day of sale.
                                                                JOHN C. MURRELL,
                                                                E. MELVYN STRATTON,

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