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Halifax County, Virginia

 Rock Barn

Historic County Landmark once a part of "Green Hill South"

Most residents of Northwestern Halifax County, particularly those residing on Rock Barn Road (County Route 639) know exactly where the "rock barn" is (or was). It stood for over a hundred and fifty years in that corner of the county which was, in the last century, dominated by the presence of Samuel Pannill of Green Hill.

In fact Pannill owned nearly as much land in Halifax County as he did in Campbell County. That part of his plantation south of the Staunton River was known variously as "South Green Hill", the "Promised Land" ( to some hopeful descendents of Pannill ) or just "Pannills" to others. In the mid 1800's travelers going from Halifax County to Campbell County or Lynchburg knew when they saw the rock barn that the bridge was just over the next rise.

Of course the bridge no longer crosses the Staunton. It was destroyed in 1865 when it was burned by retreating Confederates. The barn - Pannill's last highly visible landmark in Halifax County - survived another 127 years when, in 1992, it was demolished by its owner. 

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