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Halifax County Historical Markers:

The highway marker program, begun in 1927 and administered by the Department of Historic Resources (DHR), is one of the oldest in the country. The markers, silver with black letters and emblazoned with the state seal, carry historical inscriptions commemorating sites, individuals, buildings, and events of statewide or national interest.

Local governments, private organizations, or individuals can sponsor new markers, which cost $1,225. Marker content must be approved by the Board of Historic Resources, and the Virginia Department of Transportation maintains the signs once they are erected.

For more information about sponsoring a highway marker, refer to the Application Process Overview.

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Green's Folly

Lincoln's Minister

1781 Campaign

Nathaniel Terry's Grave

Carter's Tavern

Governor Tuck

Halifax Church

Staunton River State Park
(A complete list of historic sites)

The second row of photos were graciously contributed by Louis Hawes. Louis is retired from the Postal Service In Northern Virginia. He and a friend travel around the state from time to time and take pictures of historical markers. .."I probably have around 1300 by now. The State is always adding more. They are hard to keep up with. The Department of Historic Resources Puts out a book on historical markers that describe each marker and gives the location. The title is " A Guidebook To Virginia's Historical Markers". It is not totally accurate, but is a good way to find the markers. It lists the marker, R-77, History at Halifax as having been removed."

The Historical Markers Guidebook is available at the Museum.

You can see more photos of markers here.

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