Woodlawn Photos

Guided Tour June 22, 2013
Library Master BR Bedroom Hall
Upper Staircase Lower Staircase Dinning Room Pantry

Kenneth Cook, News & Record Staff - September 1976

Early Restoration Photos - Jan. 8, 2002
Front Right
Back Left
Stacked Stone Well
Back Right
Front Left
Front Center
House View From Cemetary
Cemetary Brick Fence
Cemetary Monument

Matthew Krogh Photos - August 23, 2004
Dumbwaiter Shaft
Well Opening
Front Door
Crepe Myrtle
American Boxwood
Basement Entryway
Staunton River
House Back
Large Oak
Hanging Shed - Smokehouse
Side Window
Front Porch Lattice
Tobacco Barn #1
Tobacco Barn #2
Barn Log Construction

Matthew Krogh Photos - April 2007
100_0943.jpg - 21510 Bytes 100_0945.jpg - 31307 Bytes 100_1500.JPG - 16043 Bytes

Elmer Nichols Collection
Gazebo.jpg - 96397 Bytes

Ink Drawing by V. Nichols Bryant
Circa 1904 - 1906 Boxwoods
Photo of Front - date unknown
1937 Photo of Front

October 12, 2008
Rear Portico
Rear Portico
Left side portico
Left side portico
Front porch
Front porch

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