South Boston Walking Tour

D: 413 Main Street:

On the east side of the street, a little farther up, is the former location of Faulkner and Lawson, 413 Main Street, which was established in 1875. Faulkner.& Lawson had several "firsts" in South Boston; the first pharmacy graduate, the first distributor of Coca-Cola, first circulations library, first free motor delivery of prescriptions, the first telephone, and first typewriter.

Princess Theater used to be located on this site before it burned and the present building was built in 1958. Ice from Hupp's Mill Pond was sold at Faulkner's Drug Store (Faulkner & Lawson) in the late 1880s and 1890s. The store, then located in the Boston Hotel on lower main Street (now Brooks Funeral Home) was South Boston's first ice dealer.

The next stop - The Gillespie Clinic, formerly the Glasscock Hardware building.

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