South Boston Walking Tour
31: 1319 North Main Street

The Robert H. Edmondson House - Stylistically eclectic residence that shows the influence of the French Romanesque on the domestic architecture of South Boston. Its stone lintels, pyramidal-roofed tower and corbeled chimneys contribute to the architectural sophistication of this turn-of-the-century dwelling.

Built around 1900 by Robert Edmondson, a tobacconist. The gilt chandelier and the mirrors are from the Tarover Plantation on River Road.

Notice the swimming pool in the back yard, which was built by the Boy Scouts, one of whom was Dr. William Watkins. Neighborhood children swam in it. Mrs. Robert Edmundson was in poor health and if the children got too noisy she would come out and ask them to be quiet. The swimming pool was used as a cannery during World War 11.

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