South Boston Walking Tour

2: 509 Yancey Street

The oldest house in South Boston. Capt. E. B. Jeffress built it about 1840 after he gave up farming on the frequently flooded south side of the river.

In 1871 he gave his house to one of his daughters (he had 11 children). The first daughter was born in the upstairs room of the home. E. B. Jeffress, father of South Boston, built another house which is now part of the American Legion building on Jeffress Blvd. One daughter married Patrick Henry Yancey; hence the street's name. This street was opened in 1917.

The garage is an original outbuilding. During World War II, in 1942 or 1943, the son of the family, Watt Baptist, flew over the house to wave at his mother. The navy pilot, from Tennessee, lost control of the airplane, hit a tree crashed into the backyard. Both were killed.

This house was owned by W. A. Davie, who remodeled the burned portico and the house was again remodeled in about 1950.

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