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Main Street United Methodist Church Prayer Garden

Main Street United Methodist Church Prayer Garden

Open to all in the community, the Prayer Garden is filled with azaleas, peonies, tulips, dogwood trees, and a myriad other flowers and growing things. It offers "a quiet place, to be still and know that He is God". The garden is located on church property once occupied by the Hunt House.

The garden is divided into three sections: The first area as people come in from the entrance on Main Street is "the pure meditation part of the garden," and is patterned mainly in green and white for the soothing qualities of those colors.

This part of the garden is already home to a copper and steel cross created by local artist Bob Cage. Visible from three churches in the area the Methodist, Baptist, and Presbyterian churches Cage created a three-dimensional rather than a flat cross.

The second area of the garden is an informal gathering area for small groups, including Sunday school classes or circle meetings, where wooden and stone benches are surrounded by the Easter azaleas and a perennial flowerbed. (The stone benches were once city curbstones.) The garden's third section will be a picnic area, and may one day hold a stew shed and picnic shelter.

Plans are to build a small covered chapel structure. There will be a permanent sign at the entrance to the garden, carrying a quote from a book by Jan Karon :

"Let the peace of this place surround you as you sit or kneel quietly. Let the hurry and worry of your life fall away. You are God's Child. He loves you and cares for you, and is here with you now and always. Speak to him thoughtfully, give yourself time for Him to bring things to mind."

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