River Road Driving Tour

We start our tour at:
Green's Folly - "Oakland"
1086 Greens Folly Road
Greens Folly
Green's Folly was said to have been built around 1789 by Berryman Green, George Washington's quartermaster at Valley Forge. Current research, however, indicates that the home may not have been completed until 1808. Mr. Green was the deputy clerk of Halifax County from 1797- 1818. In 1901, Green's Folly was the site of a racehorse track.

After the turn of the century it was sold to a prominent and wealthy citizen, Robert S. Barbour who remodeled it into the structure it is today. Mr. Barbour made his fortune in the buggy manufacturing business.

Today Green's Folly is the site of a public Golf Course. You can drive around the circular driveway to get a better view of the house.

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