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Southern Virginia's Tobacco Heritage Trail (Link)

The Tobacco Heritage Trail, a system of long-distance recreational, multiuse, non-motorized trails, is a project of major importance for Southside Virginia.

The Trail presents an opportunity for all Southside Virginia to participate in a viable undertaking that will unify our diverse communities, enrich our lives, and help rebuild our economy.

The Trail will assist economic development --through tourism and business enterprise--and will serve as a quality-of-life tool by providing both residents and tourists valuable health and recreational benefits. In addition, the trail will be preserving a greenway and will serve as a link to nature for all its users.

The off-road trail, which will primarily utilize abandoned railroad corridors, will be limited to non-motorized traffic and will be for multiple user groups--pedestrians, hikers, bicyclists, and horseback riders--with portions accessible to those with mobility limitations.

Approximately 100 miles of abandoned railroad corridor, plus easements and connecting bike routes along county roadways, will be employed in the construction of the Tobacco Heritage Trail through Brunswick, Halifax, and Mecklenburg counties. Where on-road is the only practical method for connectivity, county roads will be utilized and identified with unified trail signage. Once the railroad property has been secured and all trail segments connected to create this long-distance system capable of attracting travelers, the Tobacco Heritage Trail system will have major economic implications for Southside Virginia.

The initial segment of the Trail was a four-mile section connecting La Crosse and Brodnax. On June 30, 2006 the purchase of approximately 40 miles of the former NF&D from west of Lawrenceville to just east of Clarksville by Roanoke River Rails-to-Trails, Inc. from Norfolk Southern was completed. The fully developed Tobacco Heritage Trail is anticipated to extend into other Southside counties and connect with other communities' greenways and trails.

Roanoke River Rails-to-Trails, Inc., a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt Virginia corporation, was formed for the purpose of acquiring abandoned railroad rights-of-way for the development of the Trail system. As a nonprofit, Roanoke River Rails-to-Trails is able to accept donations and apply for funding. The corporate bylaws call for representation from each county and each town desiring to join. Currently fifteen localities have joined the Rails-to-Trails Board. The corporation is coordinating the development of the Tobacco Heritage Trail project.

Roanoke River Rails-to-Trails' Mission:
To enrich Southside Virginia's communities and countryside by creating a regional network of public trails from former rail lines and connecting corridors. To develop plans for the establishment and development of recreation, transportation, historic preservation, economic revitalization, open-space conservation, and wildlife preservation trails for the enjoyment and use of the general public.

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