Black Walnut District, Halifax County, Virginia
Mount Laurel
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"The Dorin Place" - Tranquill Hill - 1834

"the large mansion known as
the Doran place"
"Its architecture surpasses that of the average manor houses in the county. The Greek Revival porch has thin fluted Ionic columns on each side. A long boxwood path led to this on the author's first trip about 1960, but many have disappeared to date. The reception hall has a curving staircase, resembling that at "Clarkton" more than at the Roller house in that it is broader and less sinewy. Also like "Clarkton," it has as a fitting backgrounds curving back wall to its left. On that side a door leads to a square parlor where the mantel has fluted columns imitating those on the porch. On the opposite side of the hall is a similar square room with a less ornate mantel. In many other houses the more ornate mantels have been removed to other houses." -History of Halifax by Pocahontas Wight Edmunds

According to the records kept in the South Boston-Halifax County Museum, the "Dorin place" reference is because the land was originally deeded from a Mr. Dorin(1).

According to locals, Mrs. Pride (Mamie Hundley Pride) grew up in the house and said that the house was built in 1834 for her grandfather to be born in. This could possibly be Elijah Dupee(2) Hundley. He was born in 1835, and enlisted in and was paroled from the military in 1865. There's a very old-style E carved into the stair rail about half way up the stairs - possibly stands for Elijah?

Basement Entrance Elija's father was also likely named Elijah D. Hundley as there are records of letters between Captain James Bruce and an Elijah D. Hundley in 1835 on the Library of Virginia website.

Rumor's have it that the house used to have a widow's walk from which Mr. Hundley would view the workers toiling in the fields.

There are a lot of Hundleys still in the area and a Hundley Road 4-5 miles away.

This 1856 Halifax County plantations map show an E. H. Hundley in the Mount Laural area. The E."H". is most likely an error as Elijah "D". is reported to have had 50 slaves according to the 1860 U.S. Census Slave Schedules for Halifax County, Virginia

Dependency George Waldrep's book, Halifax County Cemeteries, says that the Hundley Family Cemetery was located north of Clover at Old Christ Episcopal Church. The Hundleys are in a fenced plot on the cemetary lot. "Elijah D. Hundley, B. 4 Sept 1798, D 1 Jan 1873."

A Hundley descendant, John R. Hundley, writes "In 1888, my greatgrandmother copied the following from the bible of John H. Hundley: "John Henderson Hundley, the son of Charles Hundley, who was the son of Antony, who was the son of Joel, who was the first ancestor known of the name in America, was born in Halifax Co., Va., March 6, 1796." Charles Hundley was born in 1768. He married Ann Elizabeth Estes of Tennessee. His will was probated December 22, 1845 in Halifax County, Va (Will book 21, page 110). The will names the following children: John Henderson Hundley, Elijah Dupuy Hundley, Elisha Estes hundley, Thomas Hundley, Henry W. Hundley, Mary W. Harvey, and Elizabeth Hooper."

Not having a complete genealogical record, there are other possibilities of who Mrs. Pride's grandfather may have been as can be seen on this Staunton Hill Artillery roster. This unit was recruited in Charlotte and Halifax County Virginia in September 1861.

HUNDLEY, CHARLES: Enl. on 5/25/64 at Camp Bruce. Paroled at Greensboro, NC on 4/29/65.
HUNDLEY, ELIJAH DUPEE: Enl. on 3/1/65 at Camp Anderson, NC. Paroled on 4/29/65 at Greensboro, NC. B. 1835.
HUNDLEY, JOHN F.: Enl. on 5/15/64 at Camp Pelham. Pres. thru 12/64 roll. In Wilmington Gen. Hosp. #4 1/25- 31/65, with acute colonitis. Res. of Mt. Laurel, VA.

(1) Hundley Dorin Deeds. Mount Laurel Deed Book 110, pages 146 and 376; Deed Book 111, page 478; W. H. Dorin to Ed and W. S. Hundley, $3,865.50, Tracts 1, 2. 3, 4, 9 - homestead of W. H. Dorin.

(2) Dupee may not be the correct spelling of his middle name - There is a marriage between the Hundley and Dupuy families in Halifax County.

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