Halifax County, Virginia Genealogy:
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Courthouse Records
Inventory of records contributed by Martha Coates

Marriage documents from 1753, indexed by both bride and groom

Marriage register 1782-1842

Ministers returns and guardian bonds, 1752-1814

Wills from 1752, indexed by both grantors and grantees

General Index to Judgements from 1884, indexed by plaintiffs

Antrim Parish vestry book 1752-1817

General Index to birth records 1853-1871

Index of ended chancery cases, from 1834

Chancery order books

General index to ended chancery causes, indexed by plaintiffs and defendants

Chancery memorandum book, 1941-1950

Chancery order books, 1831-1925

Chancery docket, Circuit court, 1930’s and 1940’s

Ended chancery docket cases, to 1960

1860 Census

Partnership Record, from 1822

Cook, Kenneth, Items of Halifax County History, two volumes

Record of people judged insane, from 1933

Medical register, from 1913

Moneys deposited by order of the court, from 1912

Charter books, from 1885, with index

Muster roll in the War with Germany

Record of World War veterans [WWI]

Virginia World War memorial record, County of Halifax [WWI]

Induction and discharge records WWII, 6 vols, with index

Judgement docket books, from 1843

Fiduciary bond books, from 1880’s

Common Law order books

Index to court orders, from 1900

Land books [taxes], 1815,1827,1830, 1850 to present

deeds indexed by both buyer and seller

Plat and survey books, indexed, from 1746

Index to court orders by plaintiffs and defendants, from 1752

Minute books, 1821-1875

Superior Court orders, 1809-1831

Cash book, 1919-1927

Minute Book, Circuit court, 1935-1942

Plea books, 1752-1821

Department of Commerce and Labor, Division of Naturalization, Declaration of Intention [to become citizen], 1908-1912

Department of Commerce and Labor, Division of Naturalization, Petition and Record [for citizenship] 1908-1913

Index to General District Court criminal and traffic cases, from 1976

Common law order books, 1831-1939

Clerk’s order book, to 1983

Circuit court process book, 1931-1999

Index to General District Court civil cases, from 1976

County expenditures, 1952-1955

Cash disbursement journal, Halifax County, 1936-1970

Ended Law docket

Ended Criminal docket

Mechanics’ Liens, 1871-1917

Common law fee book, 1916-1925

Records, 1871-1900

County Levies, 1870-1901

Record Fiduciary, 1850-1968

Circuit Court common law execution book, 1831-1843

Certificates of Death, 1912-1916

Certificates of Birth, 1912-1916

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