South Boston - Halifax County: William M Tuck Airport - W78

William M. Tuck Airport History Outline

    William M. Tuck Airport, located near South Boston, Virginia is owned and operated in part by the Town of South Boston and the County of Halifax, Virginia. On April 15, 1948 the Town and County agreed to develop a public airport. This airport is intended to serve the aviation needs of Halifax County, the Town of South Boston, and the surrounding communities. The Town has a one-third interest in the airport, with the County possessing the remaining two-thirds interest.

Members of first airport committee:

L.R Bailey, George R. Walden, E N. Crews Jr., R. C. Edmunds, John R. Booth, J.S. McRae, Dr. J.D. Hagood, E. A. Beck, J.L. Hardy.

Construction: Perkins-Bames Construction Company of Blackstone, Va. constructed two turf landing strips in the same configuration as the present airport, each landing strip being 2,700 feet in length.


October 26, 1949 The committee voted to change the name of the South Boston-Halifax County Airport to "William M. Tuck Airport" because of the assistance rendered by Governor Tuck in the construction of airports throughout the state and because of his encouragement of this means of transportation by the air travel done by the Governor himself

May, 1955 A four unit T-hanger building was constructed along with additional office and lobby space.

July, 1955 James 0. Compton signed a contract to operate the airport.

1959 The north-south landing strip was paved for a distance of 2,500 feet and a width of 75 feet, leaving 100 ft. overrun on each end.

May, 1963 Completed the installation of lights along the paved runway.

September, 1964 Burton & Hanlon started building a shop building.

October, 1964 Airport was leased to Frank Sadler of Clover, Va.

Blacktop 600 foot extension completed in 1963, paved parking area for planes adjacent to hangar, and provided all weather taxi strip from paved runway to parking area.

November, 1965 Buck Stebbins took over operation of airport after the death of Frank Sadler.

July, 1966 Beacon installed at the airport, by Lloyd Franklin

December, 1966 The new four unit T-hanger has been completed.

January, 1967 Fred L. Whitfield signed one year contract.

June, 1967 Fred Whitfield terminates his contract.

June, 1967 Lacy Green took over operations of airport.

October, 1968 J. E. Burton Construction Co. was given contract to build eight new T-hangers.

1970 Runway 18/36 was extended an additional 500 feet to the south. Total 3,600 ft.

March, 1973 Ronnie Beale took over operations of airport.

June, 1975 Marshall Throckmorton took over operations of airport.

January, 1979 Miles Clayton took over operations of airport.

August,1979 Two mobile units from Jr.High School.

1979 Airport Master Plan.

September, 1980 Land acquisition of Johnston, Sugg, Good, & Blank property.

1980 City purchased the fuel tanks and pumps at airport.

April, 1982 Purchase of another rotating beacon.

1983 Additional 411 feet was added to the north end of 18/36. Total 4,011 feet.

1984 Access road relocated.

January, 1986 Establishment of a Regional Airport Commission.

July, 1990 Painting of hanger roofs.

August, 1990 Speed bump in front of maintenance hanger.

1992 Resolution for Master Plan update.

May, 1995 Purchase of Mattie R. C. Powell property.

November, 1995 Closure of State Route # 801.

December, 1995 Threshold relocation on Runway 18 by 1900 ft.

1996 Removal of trees and house on the Mattie Powell property.

1997 Purchase of James Good property.

1998 County purchase of Town of South Boston 1/3 interest in the airport.

September, 1998 50th Anniversary Celebration